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ISBN: 978-1-68313-035-2
212 pages

$15.97 softcover

$3.97 in Kindle

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Mojo for Murder

~ A Bertie Bigelow Mystery ~

by Carolyn Wilkins

Do you believe in magic?

There's a hex on Charley Howard's Hot Links Emporium, and Charley, a.k.a. the Hot Sauce King, is furious. He suspects that the Jamaican psychic who's been "advising" his gullible wife Mabel is a phony, and he asks choir director Bertie Bigelow to do a little amateur sleuthing to help him prove it.
      But Bertie's already got all the drama she can handle.
      The high-profile concert she's doing with The Ace of Spades, an aging (but still sexy) rap star, has Metro College in an uproar. Her on-again, off-again flirtation with attorney David Mackenzie has hit a dead end, and her best friend Ellen Simpson has been seduced and abandoned for the third time this year.
      When a Chicago Zoning Commissioner is rushed to the emergency room after filling up on the Soul Food Special at Charley's restaurant, Bertie is forced to take action. She doesn't need a crystal ball to know that there's trouble on the horizon.
      On the South Side of Chicago, a murderer lies in wait for Bertie Bigelow. To solve this case, she's going to need all the mojo she can get.
      Will Bertie get her mojo working?

Praise for Mojo for Murder

"All action and a fast-paced tempo had me engrossed in all that was happening on the pages and I couldn't put this book down until it was all said and done. Bertie is all over the place and finds herself involved in a murder investigation that is delightfully devious with all kinds of shenanigans plotting the field. This tightly woven drama cast allegations in a mystery that kept me engaged and entertained throughout the telling of this tale. Superstitions, physics, and murder all intertwined to deliver an exciting foray into the world that Bertie must live in and survive. This was an enjoyable story and I had a good time on the South Side of Chicago."
~ Dru Ann, www.drusbookmusing.com

Mojo For Murder adds another book to the Bertie Bigelow mystery series as it tells of a Jamaican woman's hex, a gullible woman's belief in its powers, and a husband's decision to hire investigator Bertie Bigelow to prove the witchy woman is a phony.
      Bertie, however, is already overwhelmed by her personal life and her professional jobs; all of which have gone on overdrive. Is something terrible about to happen, and are the psychic's powers real?       As Bertie becomes immersed in a series of high-voltage encounters while juggling a major concert's organizational demands, she still has room for a murder investigation despite her longing for "A life that did not involve Mabel Howard, policemen, psychics, or murder."
      With its numerous subthemes of intrigue, romance, career decisions and murderous intentions, Mojo For Murder is a spicy and absorbing read made personal by Bertie's conundrums and angst over too many choices.       Scams, allegations, the wonder of a life suddenly too full of options ("In the past ten days, she had been kissed by three different men—a thing that in and of itself was a source of considerable wonder."), and sagas of bureaucrats with secret identities and purposes all spice a vivid story that's fueled as much by Bertie's life and its evolving purposes as it is by death and its evolving mystery.
      Murder mystery fans need not hold a prior familiarity with Bertie's escapades in Melody for Murder (though newcomers will likely want to imbibe) to find this exciting, and can anticipate that an engrossing read is in the cards.
~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Books by
Carolyn Wilkins


Carolyn Marie Wilkins is a practicing Reiki Master, a Psychic Medium and an initiated Priestess of Yemaya, the African goddess of compassion, motherhood and the ocean.
      Her other novels, Mojo For Murder and Melody For Murder feature the crime-fighting exploits of Bertie Bigelow, a forty-something choir director and amateur sleuth living on the South Side of Chicago. Carolyn's nonfiction work includes Damn Near White: An African American Family's Rise from Slavery to Bittersweet Success, They Raised Me Up: A Black Single Mother and the Women Who Inspired Her, and Tips For Singers: Performing, Auditioning, Rehearsing.
      An accomplished jazz pianist and vocalist, Carolyn is a professor at Berklee College of Music. She has performed in concert throughout the United States, Africa, Asia, and South America, where she toured as a Jazz Ambassador for the US State Department.
      When she is not writing, teaching or performing, Carolyn maintains a private practice in healing and mediumship. Her New Age Talk Show, Carolyn's Psychic Playroom, can be seen monthly on Cambridge Community Television. Carolyn's online class, Magical Communication: How To Talk To Your Ancestors, is available on Udemy.com.
      To find out more, visit www.carolynwilkins.com.

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