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ISBN: 978-1-68313-245-5
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When Foxes Guard the Hen House

Commissioned by Wernher von Braun

Study Conducted by Apollo 14 Astronaut & Astrophysicist
Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Compiled by Carol Mersch

". . . never before has the capacity existed for humans
to terminate all living activity on the planet in one
spasmodic hour of nuclear exchange."
– Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell

"Reagan's 'Star Wars' initiative to put orbiting weapons into space aroused the ire of many scientists, who realized, as did I, that weapons in space put a hair trigger on war, and more likely, a nuclear exchange. Such an orbiting device would virtually invite instant attack. Many scientists wrote letters and signed proclamations, but Reagan persisted.
"Carol Rosin worked as an assistant to Wernher von Braun, and before he died, he sent her to me to work on these issues. We did the research, and I wrote the first draft. Thirty-four publishers refused to publish it or even seriously consider it. Such was the power of the White House, which did not want it published.
"I was subject to harassment, tapped phones, and more, much like we experience with government Special Access Programs today."
– Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Books by
Carol Mersch



Carol Mersch, a long-time friend and confidant of Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, is an Oklahoma author and journalist specializing in narrative non-fiction. She has published many books and numerous articles which she authored and co-compiled with others in areas of space exploration, law enforcement, and spirituality.
      Her close friendship with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell led her to develop The Apostles of Apollo: The Journey of the Bibles to the Moon (Pen-L Publishing, 2010) and A Bible on the Moon (Pen-L Publishing, 2022), for which she was accepted into the Mayborn Literary Guild, and The Space Less Traveled (Pen-L Publishing, 2013), a book of quotations gleaned from her years of companionship with Mitchell. In 2013, her literary document "Religion, Space Exploration and Secular Society" was accepted by Taylor & Frances, a national consortium in the UK offering document subscription services used by museums, libraries, and universities, including the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.
      Prior to this, Mersch was instrumental in publishing several books, including The Seamless Bible (Destiny Image, 2004), a chronological presentation of the King James Bible and The Seamless Gospels (Destiny Inage, 2005), Coming Home: For Those who Serve and Those who Wait (Elm Hill Books, 2004), a devotional/journal for US troops, Year of Promise, a 365-day devotional/journal (iUniverse Publishing, 2011), and The Heart of a Cop: Stories of Personal Faith from the Line of Duty (Clovercroft Publishing, 2016). Her latest books, Undaunted: The Unflinching Faith, Audacity and Ultimate Betrayal of an American Legend (Pen-L Publishing), and The Incredible Reverend Stout: Presidents, Astronauts, and the woman he loved (Pen-L publishing), chronicling the life of ordained Presbyterian pastor and NASA Chaplain Reverend John Stout, was released in September 2019.
      For more information see www.carolmersch.com.

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