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ISBN: 978-1-942428-09-1

340 pages
$16.97 in softcover
$4.97 in ebooks

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Waiting for Paint to Dry

by Lia Mack


One woman's quest to reclaim inner peace, life and love...
For the past decade, Matty Bell has lived safe in a self-made monochromatic life of work-eat-sleep-survive. Living vicariously through her best friend Claire's perfect life wasn't the plan, nor her ideal. However, Matty learned long ago that it's easier to run and hide from life than to deal with the pain of the post-traumatic stress she's suffered from since being raped at sixteen.
      Yet on the night of her thirtieth birthday, a freak accident shows Matty a truth: run from something long enough and it will consume you. She must find a way back to her life, a life full of passion in which she can follow her dreams and is not afraid to love.
      When Claire announces her family is moving, she asks Matty to come too. Having grown up Navy, Matty's no stranger to picking up and starting over. However, moving half-way around the world to play nanny to Claire's children doesn't sound like the new beginning Matty yearns for. Nor does she want to leave without first confronting her fears and coming full-healing-circle. She can't let another decade slip by before she's able to trust again.

Endorsed by writer/director Angela Shelton, WAITING FOR PAINT TO DRY is a late coming of age story of what it takes to find yourself again.

Your purchase will raise funds for RAINN: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (1.800.656.HOPE)

Praise for Waiting for Paint to Dry

Lia Mack writes a beautifully eloquent painting of a life, complete with trauma that makes you cringe and hopes and wishes that break your heart. Lia reminds us that we paint the picture of our lives and even if it started dark, we can frame it with a happy ending.
      ~ Award-winning writer/director Angela Shelton

Raped as a teen, a woman finds romance, a new art career, and new connections to family in this debut women's fiction novel.
      Uplifting chick lit full of heart and hope and featuring an appealing heroine and trauma survivor.
      ~ excerpted from Kirkus Reviews

I absolutely loved this book. So many emotions. I was rooting for Matty all the way.
      ~ Linda Catanzaro

Loved it. Held my interest all the way to the end.
      ~ Tamarra

Five Stars
This was so worth my time. Not too much, not too little, but just right. Any of us with deep-rooted sibling or familial issues can identify with the anguished, stuck Matty. A too early and cruel relationship proved to be the ignition of her self destruction. The fact that Matty has taken serious steps to track down Jett was enough. Her growth and release were enough for me.
      ~ Omi Lindylu

A 5 star rating from me! This book touched upon real life like few can. Thank you for the reality of family and the strange and wonder of life. Also the artistic and food side brings warm and good feelings.
      ~ donitah25

Lia Mack has written a raw and wrenching novel about rape, ongoing sexual coercion and the soul-crushing aftermath of such trauma. Watching Matty Bell move from shut-down victim to triumphant survivor is a stirring experience; Mack knows all the right notes to hit. An inspiring and powerful tale.
      ~ Yona Zeldis McDonough, author of You Were Meant for Me

Lia Mack's fiercely intimate Waiting For Paint To Dry portrays mental anguish so intense, it's visceral. From the reader's front row seat in this autobiographical novel, we witness heroine Matty Bell coming to terms with a past haunted by sexual abuse and family dysfunction. Meanwhile, she's learning to use humor to battle the stubborn paranoia in her present. This blistering psychological powerhouse of a love story will make you get up and cheer the glory of self-reinvention.
      ~ Mindela Ruby, author of Mosh It Up

A ceaseless cheerleader of the underdog and a hopeless romantic, Lia Mack enjoys writing fiction that travels the line between everyday life and the extreme challenges we must face. Born in Wichita, Kansas, she had the unique experience of growing up in many places such as Roseville, Michigan; Austin, Texas; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Latiano and San Vito dei Normanni, Italy; and Baltimore, Maryland, where she currently resides with her husband, two children and three American Rat Terriers.
      In addition to fiction, Lia's creative non-fiction has been featured in such publications as The Washington Post, Nickelodeon Jr. Magazine, Advances in Bereavement Magazine and Nesting Magazine. She is also honored to be a guest blogger at writer/director Angela Shelton's Survivor Manual, a blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering sexual abuse survivors.
      Waiting for Paint to Dry is her first novel.

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