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ISBN: 978-1-940222-11-0

282 pages
$15.97 in softcover
$4.97 in Kindle

The Light of Ishram

by Nancy K. Harmon

     The Thousand Years War has blasted the known worlds of man, elves, trolls and other magical beings asunder, obliterating written and oral history. Mankind muddles through a second Dark Age.

      Healing of the races has begun, but the future of the reunited worlds hang in the balance. The mysterious Light of Ishram must be rescued from the black witch, Urania Braith, before it's destroyed and plunges eternity into chaos.
     Raurk of the Druid Council convinces the elf, Grig Dothrie, that he is the only hope to save the world. They are accompanied on their journey by Rakell Taznakie, the village idiot, Dannel, ten-year-old brother-in-law of Raurk, and the druid's wife, Lillith.
      They must prevail over a world still reforming after a war so devastating that the survivors no longer know who started it, fought in it, or what it was about. All they know is they must overcome both natural and unnatural beings, vindictive spirits, and the evil that is Urania Braith.

Praise for The Light of Ishram

"Nancy's vivid descriptions take you immediately to the magical world she's created—and you'll want to stay as her memorable characters make their way on their adventurous journey and into your heart."
      ~ Karen Lynn Tunnell, Author of The Silver Rattle

"Nancy has created a world that is both fantastical and familiar, and she has filled it with characters that live on even after the book ends. The conclusion will shock her readers as much as it shocks this magical world she has allowed us to be a part of."
      ~ Roy Jeffords, 2010 Emerging Writer Award Winner, author of Ozymandias

An excerpt:

Rakell Taznakie pounded on the elf's door loud enough to wake the dead and then ran off, blithering like the imbecile everyone knew him to be.
      In fact, the racket had woken the dead. That damnable skeleton clan, the one Grig had taken such pains to tuck under the stairway, refused to go back into their closet no matter what he did. "I only keep you thieving blokes about to help with chores," he yelled. "So, do what you're told!"
      About the time Grig thought he had the blighters rounded up, Taznakie came back, screeching more gibberish.
      "Go away!" The elf launched a searing bolt of blue flame toward the village moron. "Just rewards to you." He shook his fist in the air.
      But Grig's aim went astray and his skeleton clan ignited on the spot. They ran hither and yon like torches with legs. He managed to douse the whole lot of them with a shower of conjured rain, but not before they set his beautiful tree house on fire.

Nancy K. Harmon

      At the age of eight, Nancy discovered the school library and became an avid reader, reading six to eight books a week. Science Fiction and Fantasy became her favorite genre as a young adult, but she still reads nearly everything she gets her hands on, including the labels on cereal boxes.
      The Light of Ishram came about as a result of her son, Jason's, fourth grade English assignment. He had to write a short story with the aid of a parent, and the characters of Grig Dothrie and Theron Raurk were born. Twenty-plus years later, after many modifications, hair pulling, and a huge learning curve, the short story has become an epic tale. Nancy's second book, "The Tower of Babel" is under construction.
      Nancy devotes her time to reading, writing, and crafts. She lives with her husband and the current feline princess of the household, Marble.
      Visit Nancy on Facebook or her website at www.NancyKHarmon.com.

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