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ISBN: 978-1-942428-54-1
216 pages

$15.97 in softcover

$4.97 in Kindle

Join Rod at his website, WriterRodMiller.com,
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The Death of Delgado
and Other Stories

by Rod Miller

Rod Miller is one of the rare breed of writers who can write the historical, traditional or contemporary West, humorous or serious, for young readers or mature. He writes from the heart, and he always writes well.
~ Johnny D. Boggs, six-time winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award

An excerpt:

      Soldiers surrounded the camp and pressed in, pushing the Shoshoni one way then the other. Some soldiers kept their rifles, using bayonets when frozen fingers could no longer reload the guns. Others threw rifles aside and drew revolvers, shooting down everyone they saw with shot after shot after shot.
      With nowhere to turn, bewildered Shoshoni swarmed in confusion, looking for any avenue of escape. They were shot down trying to climb the steep hills. They were shot down hiding in the willows. They were shot down crossing the river, or hiding in the water under its banks. Bodies floated downstream, blood turning the water red.
~ from the story "Play Dead or Die"

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Rod Miller is the recipient of Western Writers of America Spur Awards for poetry, a novel, and for short fiction for the title story of the collection, The Death of Delgado. Another story, "A Border Affair," was a Spur Award Finalist.
      A lifelong Westerner, Miller is author of five novels, four history books, and three collections of poetry-including Goodnight Goes Riding and Other Poems and Things a Cowboy Sees. from Pen-L Publishing. Find him online at writerrodmiller.com and writerrodmiller.blogspot.com.

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