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ISBN: 978-1-942428-36-7
179 pages

$14.97 in softcover

$4.97 in Kindle

The Best of Frontier Tales

~ Volume 5 ~

2013 – 2014

with stories by

Greg Camp
C. F. Eckhardt
Jesse J. Elliott
Donald Emigh
Jane Hale
Mitch Hale
RLB Hartmann
Gary Ives
Mike Koch
Lucia St. Clair Robson
Chad Strong
Kim Mary Trotto
Willy Whiskers

Join us in a celebration of the qualities that made the West wild and wooly!

A fun read, with tales that showcase the best talents of men and women writing the West today.
      Thirteen stories gleaned from the fifth year of Frontier Tales ezine's publication. Twelve voted Readers Choice and the thirteenth chosen by the editor.
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Since 2009, Frontier Tales has published short stories each month that deal with the raw edge, where civilization crashes into the frontier. That clash is where the action is, and that's what so many of us love to read about. Settle back in your chair, put your feet up, and take a visit to the Old West with us.

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