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Fortress of Gold

Sixteen-year-old Pran steps through a portal to Earth from the magical world of Rados. He and his three companions must locate thousands of pounds of Earth gold and bring it back to the Kingdom of Eldor, whose magicians need it to repel an enemy invasion.

Magic Teacher's Son

When sixteen-year-old Pran sneaks out of his house one night to join other teens experimenting with sorcery, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead to betrayal, an attempt on his life, first love, friendship with a most unusual spy, treason, and the imminent conquest of his kingdom.

The Light of Ishram

The Thousand Years War has blasted the known worlds of man, elves, trolls and other magical beings asunder. The mysterious Light of Ishram must be rescued from the black witch, Urania Braith, before it's destroyed and plunges eternity into chaos.

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