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ISBN: 978-1-940222-80-6
124 pages

$14.97 in softcover

$3.97 in Kindle

POW: Promises Kept

by Walter Boots Mayberry

as told to Linda Apple

A huge black cloud filled with metallic splinters burst under the bomber and caused it to rock violently, tearing holes in the aluminum fuselage. Two bursts hit close. The third hit the in-board engine on the right wing and it burst into flame. All was searing smoke and screaming metal and roaring flame.
      Boots bailed out of the disintegrating plane, falling head first. When he pulled the ripcord it jerked him up with such force it shattered two vertebrae in his neck. His hands were paralyzed and he couldn't guide his parachute. Boots floated helplessly to earth under the billowing thirty-foot silk canopy.
      All around him was a cacophony of anti-aircraft fire. Shrapnel and wreckage from destroyed airplanes hurtled past him. Fear and dread filled his mind. What if this wreckage hits me or my parachute and drags me down to certain death? In the deafening noise of all this melee, he cried out, "God, help me!"
      What Boots endured in the German POW camps would test the limits of any man. But, near death, he finds hope at his most hopeless and discovers the strength to survive. Through his life, the promises he kept gave meaning and purpose to his life and inspired countless others.

Praise for Boots

"Walter 'Boots' Mayberry is truly one of the greats of the greatest generation. This book will be a treasure for Americans of all generations."
      ~ David Holsted, Harrison Daily Times

"I have had the privilege of listening to many of {Boots's} wartime stories which are also stories of faith and gratitude. I believe that those who read this book will come away inspired by his faith and grateful for his service to our country."
      ~ Seamus P Doyle, Pastor of St. John's Episcopal Church, Harrison, AR


"His story is one of greatness, honor, integrity, patriotism, and love. There is much to learn, and much to value, but even more, there is much to emulate. Boots is not a 'do as I say, and not as I do,' kind of man. He lives his life in a way that would make us all proud to follow in his footsteps—as much of a challenge as that may be."
      ~ Reverend Dr. Walter V. Windsor

"The Jefferson County Historical Quarterly has published many of his articles and can highly recommend this book."
      ~ Ernestine Wallis, Editor, Jefferson County Historical Quarterly

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  Boots and Linda

Linda is the author of Writing Life ~ Your Stories Matter; Connect! ~ A Simple Guide to Public Speaking for Writers; and Women of Washington Avenue, the first novel in her Moonlight Mississippi series. In addition to writing, Linda is a motivational speaker. She lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Neal. Their five children, five children-in-love, and ten grandchildren live close by.
      You can contact her at lindacapple@gmail.com.

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