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ISBN: 978-1-942428-56-5
190 pages

$14.97 in softcover

$4.47 in Kindle

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Moonlight Can Be Murder

~ A Ned McNeil Mystery ~

by Blanche Day Manos

Nettie "Ned" McNeil cannot imagine why her Uncle Javin feels that he is in danger, but she loads her suitcases into her car, leaves Atlanta and her late husband, and makes the long trek to Ednalee, Oklahoma, to help out. When she arrives, Uncle Javin's white Victorian house is strangely dark and silent. Inside she finds him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
      So begin her first moments back in her old home town, where the mystery of Uncle Javin's violent death pulls at Ned. But his mysterious murderer seems to always be just a few steps ahead of her search. How can she protect her own life as she pursues a killer who will stop at nothing to guard a deadly secret?

Praise for Moonlight Can Be Murder

Frightfully spooky!
      ~ Mignon Ballard, author of the Miss Dimple Mysteries

Blanche Manos has another great series going with Moonlight Can Be Murder. You'll feel the cold of the snow, the warmth of friendship, and the chill of death threats as Ned tries to unravel mysteries of today and yesteryear at the same time. There are plenty of plot twists, interesting characters, troublesome characters and allies. I look forward to reading the next.
      ~ Ronda Del Boccio, Amazon Best Selling Author, WriteonPurpose.com

Breathtaking . . . can't put it down . . . spellbinding. All of the cliches apply to this story of suspense, with an abundance of possible villains to keep you guessing. Written so that you feel like you are there and with characters that make you wish you could know them personally, this is a great story!
      ~ Judy Lewis, editor at New Leaf Publishing

Moonlight Can Be Murder is intriguing to the very end. Blanche Day Manos is masterful in describing the scenes for the intricate plot twists, It's a great cozy mystery that opens the new "Ned McNeil" series and makes you wonder what will happen next.
      ~ Nancy Kay Grace, author of The Grace Impact

Wow is the only thing I can think to say about this great book Moonlight Can Be Murder, A Ned McNeil Mystery by Blanche Day Manos. I loved this book and I can not wait until the next one comes out.
      This is an intense and at times emotional mystery. I could not put it down. If you like a good mystery, that keeps you on the edge of your seat and one that is full of possibilities and suspects then do not miss this book.
      Don't miss this great, spooky, intense, wonderful book. I highly recommend it.
      ~ Deb Forbes at Mystery Reading Nook

Check out this trailer for Moonlight Can Be Murder on YouTube!

Books by
Blanche Day Manos

The Ned McNeil Series


and the Darcy & Flora Cozy Mystery Series


In her previous life, Blanche Day Manos was a kindergarten teacher, part-time writer of feature stories for a newspaper, and writer of stories and poems for children's and Christian magazines. Now, she lives in a bustling Arkansas town near her family. In between writing books, she enjoys painting and playing the piano.
      Blanche specializes in clean mysteries that have middle-aged women protagonists with a tendency to become involved in strange and mysterious happenings in their hometowns.
      Darcy Campbell, retired newspaper reporter, and her mother Flora Tucker, protagonists, can't stay out of trouble in Levi, Oklahoma. On the surface, this lovely town seems tranquil, filled with law-abiding and peaceful people. As Darcy and Flora discover, more is going on than meets the eye. The Cemetery Club, Grave Shift, Best Left Buried, and Grave Heritage follow these courageous women from one harrowing adventure to another.
      The second series, the Ned McNeil Moonlight books, begins with Nettie Elizabeth McNeil returning to her hometown of Ednalee, looking forward to a reunion with her only living relative, her Uncle Javin. The reunion fails to happen and Ned, as her friends call her, discovers that she is involved in a web of lies and mysteries that have their origin in a murder that happened decades ago. Moonlight Can Be Murder indeed. More excitement takes place under a full moon in By the Fright of the Silvery Moon. The third Ned McNeil book, Moonstruck and Murderous, follows Ned and her two childhood friends into the mystery surrounding a 200-year-old house that is lovely to look at but is built around a deadly secret of its own.

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