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ISBN: 978-1-940222-40-0
350 pages

$16.97 in softcover

$4.97 in Kindle

Also by
David Harten Watson

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Eric Hoffer Award, 2016 Book of the Year
Grand Prize Finalist

Magic Teacher's Son

~ Book One of The Magicians' Gold Series ~

by David Harten Watson

Magic Teacher's Son is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, trust, and treason in a magical world at war. While armies clash in distant battles pitting Magicians against Sorcerers, the actions of an ordinary boy, his classmates, and his friends threaten the loss of their kingdom, but are also its only true hope for survival.
      When sixteen-year-old Pran sneaks out of his house one night to join other teens experimenting with sorcery, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead to betrayal, an attempt on his life, first love, friendship with a most unusual spy, treason, and the imminent conquest of his kingdom.
      His father, schoolmaster of the town's one-room magic school, learns of the midnight dabbling in sorcery, expels one student, and gives Pran an even worse punishment: implying to the class that he's the snitch! Before Pran can convince his classmates he's not, a prophecy warns that the gold Eldor's Magicians need to repel the current invasion will vanish from their world, and the kingdom is doomed unless Pran travels to the "legendary" land of Earth to replace it.
      To find three companions he needs for his quest, Pran must put loyalty ahead of personal safety, stand up to vengeful classmates who think he snitched on them, forgive a former friend who betrayed him, and face his worst fears. But can Pran trust the remarkable companions the prophecy picked for him?

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Praise for Magic Teacher's Son

My name is Daniel Curry. I am 9 years old. I read lots of fantasy novels. I have read Magic Teacher's Son cover to cover twice. It is a very good book. It is very well written. If you like books such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, this book is just right for you. When you read Magic Teacher's Son you will be rushing to find out what happens next. Humor, magic and details radiate from every page. I think the book is worth much more than the cost.
~ Daniel Curry

I wasn't expecting to like this book but I really liked the premise. The book captured me in chapter one, held my attention throughout and filled me with anticipation for the next in the series by the end. It combined a little bit Merlin the young magician and Harry Potter, And I devoured every book in their series. David H. Watson has a nice even style that doesn't fly ahead and is never confusing. HE takes you into the characters lives as an observer, in a realistic way. He was able to address functional family relationships (there are sooo many books out about DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES) MTS addresses bullying, stereotyping, women's rights, honesty, cheating, and social class conflict, respect, authority, control, and love, all in a world that has no phones, no TV, no internet. Well OK, they have magic.
      I can't wait for the next book to see how they handle it.
~ Janet Schade

This is honestly one of the best fantasy books for young readers I've read in a long time. Magic and mayhem radiate from every page — I was hooked from the very first. . .
      I enjoyed this book enough to read it twice: first the unedited version for a quick blurb, and then the pre-release ARC for this full-length review. And both times, I found it utterly addictive. Couldn't stop reading. You would've had to pry my Kindle out of my cold, dead hands. It was just so . . . fun. And the world-building is incredibly rich, so reading this book is like stepping into a portal to another world.
      I would keep gushing over all the little bits and pieces I loved, but I'm afraid this review is already too long and you're probably rolling your eyes at my fangirling. Now, I only have one complaint: Where's the rest of it? Magic Teacher's Son ends on a cliffhanger, leaving much room for the rest of the series to develop.
      So come on, Dave, finish Book 2! Your fans are waiting . . . 
~ Mary Fan, author of Artificial Absolutes and the series Flynn Nightsider

In the debut novel by David Harten Watson, we are introduced to the land of Eldor, a place that contains both familiar and fresh elements of the fantastic. The magic worked by the characters is a creative invention, with just enough rules and structure to prevent a free-for-all of spell-slinging.
      Watson describes this world with prose that is straight-forward, while capturing a true feel for the interplay between teenage characters. The military structure of the magical army was an outstanding touch that allowed the battle scenes to unfold with clarity. Pran is a likeable hero, and this book was a joy to read. It's about overcoming challenges, friendship, and trust, making choices, and protecting your home. Magic Teachers' Son is a solid introduction to the world that the author has crafted, and I'll be looking for the next book in this marvelous series.
~ Clare L. Deming, author of A Big Stabbity Bang and Princess Thirty-Nine

Magic Teacher's Son is fantasy at its finest! It's a cross between The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but with its own unique twists. A mesmerizing tale that will appeal to both the young and the old.
~ Karen E. Quinones Miller, bestselling author of Satin Doll and I'm Telling

David Watson's new book introduces an exciting and creative series of novels contrasting a world ruled by magic and sorcery with our mundane world. The novel has delightful humor mixed with social comment. The author has built a unique world that combines the familiar and the strange to create a plot that brings suspense and excitement. I eagerly look forward to reading more of the world of Rados and its diverse citizens.
~ Thomas Wm. Hamilton, author of Time for Patriots and The Mountain of Long Eyes

David Harten Watson is the author of the Magicians' Gold series, including Magic Teacher's Son (an Eric Hoffer Award, 2016 Book of the Year Grand Prize Finalist) and its upcoming sequel, Fortress of Gold. He is a member of the U.S. Army Brotherhood of Tankers (USABOT) and the Mormon Church. David has worked in a wide variety of jobs including U.S. Army Armor officer at Fort Knox, camp counselor at Keewaydin Camps, teacher, tax preparer, car salesman, portrait photographer, track photographer, solar energy entrepreneur, and computer programmer. Raised in Buffalo, New York, he graduated from Calasanctius School and has degrees from Princeton University, Canisius College, and Buffalo State College. He's the Organizer of the Woodbridge Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Meetup, which he founded in 2008. In his free time, David likes kayaking, acting in a no-budget horror movie filmed in New Jersey, and participating in Cowboy Action Shooting under the alias "Derringer Dave." He lives with his wife (a native of Ecuador, not Eldor), their two sons, and two cats in New Jersey, where in his day job he's an IT Specialist.

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