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Life is a River

~ The Children of the Creek Trilogy ~
Book Three

by Todd Parnell

WHAT IF . . .
What if Hardlyville is real? Really real?

What if fiction dies at her doorstep, and merges with reality through the portal?
      What if an author can descend into her own creation and be greeted with open arms by the children of the creek? Ms. Randi Pflander, author (fictional) of the Ozarkian Folk Tales Trilogy as well as the Children of the Creek Trilogy, is about to find out.
      From Presidential politics to Hollywood drama, Life is a River will surprise, engage, and stretch your imagination.
      Rowdy, insightful, and grounded in Ozarkian waters and history as always-hang on for a wild ride!

The Children of the Creek trilogy by Todd Parnell
tackles important contemporary issues in the
rich and colorful context of the Ozarks.

Praise for Life is a River

"Few people are more passionate about the Ozarks—both the physical region and the Ozarks on the page—than Todd Parnell. His deep roots in the region, his devotion for its waters, and his appreciation for the late master Donald Harrington show through in his Children of the Creek Trilogy."
~ Dr. Brooks Blevins, Professor of Ozarks Studies, Missouri State University

"This new trilogy, Children of the Creek, continues Todd's passion for sustaining our water resources. It's set in the context of a bizarre and quirky story, both spoof and satire on contemporary politics, culture and small towns in the Ozarks."
~ Dr. John Moore, Jr., former president of Drury University

Books by
Todd Parnell

The Ozarkian Folk Tales Trilogy


The Children of the Creek Trilogy


Todd Parnell began writing non-fiction during his years as a banker and educator, including published books The Buffalo, Ben, and Me; Mom at War; and Postcards from Branson. He is an award-winning author inducted into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame in 2012. He tried his hand at fiction upon retiring as president of Drury University and hasn't stopped writing since, completing the Ozarkian Folk Tales Trilogy, published by Pen-L Publishing, and is hard at work on a second trilogy, Children of the Creek. In his own words, "I've had great fun writing about the Ozarks and tackling important contemporary issues in that rich and captivating context!"
      Parnell is a civic leader, environmental advocate, co-founder of the Upper White River Basin Foundation, and retired CEO of THE BANK in Springfield. He recently completed his term as Chairman of the Missouri Clean Water Commission. He holds masters degrees in Business from Dartmouth University and History from Missouri State University, and is a graduate of Drury University.
      Born in Branson, Missouri, Todd is a sixth-generation Ozarker. He resides with Betty, his wife of forty years, in Springfield and is blessed with four children and five grandchildren. So far.

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