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ISBN: 978-1-942428-07-7
244 pages

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Fighting For Her Life

What To Do When Someone You Know Is Being Abused

by Detective David L. Williams

There is no How-To manual for domestic violence.

Loved ones and friends are often confused and scared, wondering:
      * Why does she stay with her abuser?
      * What services are out there to help her live safely?
      * How do I know the difference between meddling and advocacy?
      * How do I stand with her in this struggle for her very life and freedom?

Fighting For Her Life offers valuable tools and hope for those closest to women trapped in the cycle of intimate partner violence.

Praise for Fighting For Her Life

David Williams has done an excellent job of explaining the seemingly inexplicable of why women stay with and return to the men who have abused them. Williams uses cases from his own experience as a police officer to illustrate the complex dynamics of intimate pattern violence. He also references the work of other professionals working and doing research in the field.
      His book is written for people who care about or work with a person being abused. Even though he acknowledges that some men are abuse victims, he writes primarily of women being abused by men since women are the victims in the vast majority of cases. He does a good job explaining the cycle of violence and the relationship between domestic violence and power and control.
      Williams begins each chapter with a pertinent quote such as one from Steven Biko introducing his chapter on the threats abusers use to control their victims. "The most potent weapon in the hands of an oppressor is the mind of the oppressed," wrote the South African activist. Williams describes the oppressor's threats as psychological warfare and provides real life examples.

      The book includes concrete suggestions for police officers working to protect victims as well as friends, family members and co-workers of victims. Victims themselves can gain insights into their own experience and strategies for escaping the violence.
      Williams not only knows his subject but writes well, making a tough topic easy to understand with both his insights and moments of humor.
      ~ Mary F. Dillard
     President of the Board
     Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault

In 233 pages Detective Dave Williams is able to articulate the collective knowledge of my expansive career in victim services. That feat is both humbling and awe inspiring. Fighting for Her Life is everything I wish family, friends, professionals, and the community knew about those affected by interpersonal violence. This book will change the way we care for those in our personal and professional lives who are experiencing violence. Thank you Detective Williams for the trauma-informed lens from which this tool is constructed and the resiliency it seeks out in those who truly are "fighting for her life."
      ~ Jen Carlson
     Executive Director
     Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP)

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David L. Williams

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Detective David Williams is a thirty year public safety veteran with experience in helicopter rescue, patrol, undercover, and investigations. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the Fraternal Order of Police, Rotary International, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have all honored Williams for his work with families and children in crisis. He is now the director of Shield Wall Consulting, LLC, providing workplace violence seminars and anti-bullying/anti-violence training for schools.

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