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ISBN: 978-1-940222-93-6
302 pages

$16.97 in softcover

$4.97 in Kindle

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Copperhead Cove

~ Book 3 of The Paxton Brothers Saga ~

by Ron Parham

Some beer, some whiskey, and a warm sunny day on the lake.
What could go wrong?

The stillness of the warm, Kentucky afternoon on Copperhead Cove is shattered by the echo of a high-powered rifle, sending birds flying and two famous basketball coaches to a watery grave. Bo Paxton, their fishing guide, becomes collateral damage, thrashing through the murky waters of Quail Hollow Lake for his life while a Chicago hit man hunts him down, beginning a life-and-death manhunt for Bo and a marked member of the Chicago mob.
      Ethan Paxton and Jake Delgado, from far-off California, search the unfamiliar Kentucky hill country for Bo, but they aren't the only ones looking for him. In a race against time and the Chicago mob, Ethan and Jake must battle an unforgiving lake, a thunderstorm and poisonous snakes to decide Bo's fate.

Can they reach him before the mob enforcers?

Praise for Copperhead Cove:

In Copperhead Cove, Ron Parham sweeps the reader into the chilling world of crime, murder, and mobsters. The story begins with a mob hit in a cove on Quail Hollow Lake where Bo Paxton has taken two well-known basketball coaches fishing. When the fishing guide and the two celebrities don't return and the search party doesn't find a boat or any bodies, Bo's wife enlists the help of his brother, Ethan Paxton, a man who dealt with the abduction of his daughter two years earlier.
      With the help of his friend, Jake Delgado, a tough private investigator, they begin to unravel a puzzle with links to Chicago's underworld and mob boss "Two Toes" Tonelli. What they don't expect is to have to deal with the thunderstorms, poisonous snakes, the FBI, and the unrelenting hunt of mob enforcers intent on killing Bo Paxton, their boss's son-in-law, and anyone caught in the crossfire.

      The plot is fast-paced, action-packed, and gripping as Ron Parham sets the stage for this murder vendetta in a fisherman's paradise,on a lake that straddles Kentucky and Tennessee. Into the quaintness of a small southern town where all the Sheriff and his deputy have had to deal with over the years are misdemeanors, he interjects a gangland murder where the boss's son-in-law is one of those targeted and the death of the fishing guide is considered collateral damage. As tension and suspense mount, Ron Parham continually throws in twists that keep you wondering who will die next. The rough language like the story's intensity is often diluted with humor and a genuine warmth between the brothers and their family.
      The characters are unforgettable, adding depth and dimension to the drama as events unfold. Bo Paxton the fishing guide, is a down-to-earth southerner whose quiet confidence and honesty invite's people's respect even that of a young mobster on the run. In contrast his brother Ethan is a high-powered businessman who's smart and single-minded in his determination to bring the killers to justice. Jake Delago is a loner, a tough, cantankerous—but trustworthy—private investigator.
      Of the cold-blooded mobsters who add a dose of fear and apprehension to this tale, Anthony Tonelli is the hard-hearted, vindictive mob boss; Augustus "Augie" Stellator a crude, soulless assassin; Rhino Fanelli, and Julius Goldberg, cold and calculating gunmen. Frankie Farmer is the nervous and unpredictable young mobster who has never killed anyone but is hunted because of his father-in-law's hatred.
      Like Molly's Moon, which introduced the fascinating characters of Ethan Paxton and Jake Delgado to readers, Copperhead Cove is an intoxicating crime thriller that keeps you engrossed from the first page to the last. I loved Molly's Moon and enjoyed Copperhead Cove just as much.
      ~ Wendy Holland

Finished Copperhead Cove in about half a day. Couldn't put it down! Loved it! I put a review out on Amazon. Time to write another one. Maybe another thriller involving Ethan and his new wife while the wife is flying them to a honeymoon destination!
      ~ Stephen Love

      I absolutely, 100%, no doubt loved this book. This book would make a great movie. Your character development and description of Kentucky; its lakes, forest, and the many twist and turns is commendable.
      Can't wait for your third book.
      ~ Shirley Mendez-Evans

The most down-to-earth country man you'd ever meet gets himself mixed up in a world of trouble when he agrees to take a couple of basketball coaches on a fishing tour. Copperhead Cove is an exciting read from start to finish. I love how I feel I'm right there in that small town where everything happens. There's a large cast of characters, each unique and well-drawn. If you enjoy suspense, you'll love this book.
      ~ Author Ronda Del Boccio "Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady"

Fantastic, can't put the book down, exciting action!! Ron Parham's second novel is better than his first! Molly's Moon was great and Copperhead Cove is terrific!!! Can't wait for the next novel — go Ron!!
      ~ Ron Maziarz

This book was full of twists and turns, a great cozy mystery with intense moments that make you not want to put it down.
      ~ Helen Jones from NetGalley

Ron Parham has done it again. His second Ethan Paxton suspense novel, Copperhead Cove, is just as exciting and entertaining as his first foray in the genre: Molly's Moon — maybe even more so. This time his hero is back east, in the wilds of Kentucky, trying to save his older brother Bo and family from a nasty situation in which they have gotten on the wrong side of a vengeful and death-dealing wing of the Chicago mob. Once more delivering his story from multiple points of view, Parham scores big with another fast-reading page-turner.
      ~ J. B. Hogan, author of The Apostate, Angels in the Ozarks, and Living Behind Time

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