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ISBN: 978-1-940222-89-9
260 pages

$16.97 in softcover

$3.97 in Kindle

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Belize Navidad

by Karen Hulene Bartell

Follow your star or follow the crowd?

      Sheer Christmas magic, Belize Navidad is a fusion of Dickens's A Christmas Carol and O. Henry's Gift of the Magi. Set in tropical Belize during the Christmas season, Belize Navidad warms the heart as it chills the spine.
      Enter into the soul-searching journey of a young career woman as she leaves behind all that's familiar in Manhattan, follows her star to her destiny, and finds romance. A heartwarming story that encapsulates the Christmas spirit, Belize Navidad is as saturated with the supernatural as it is blessed with the divine. Feliz Navidad!
      On a mission, Carole Kennedy flies from the icicle constructs of her Manhattan PR world to the sun-kissed beaches of Ambergris Caye, Belize. For two years, she and Nick had maintained a long-distance relationship. Now, as Christmas approaches, Carole decides to settle the issue once and for all. Marry, or move on.
      Carole soon learns moonlit beaches with starry nights on the Mexican Riviera don't compensate for the days' challenges. Video shoots at Mayan ruins mixed with corporate intrigue, a stalker, and a paranormal revelation keep Carole's Christmas suspenseful.

Praise for Belize Navidad

A Christmas story with a difference: impossible to put down.
      Karen Hulene Bartell writes so vividly you can feel the heat of the sun and the sand between your toes, smell the frangipani and the bougainvillea, and taste the lobster and corn tortillas. She excels with dramatic action, and an undercurrent of suspense that keeps you reading to the end. Don't miss it.
      ~ Sarah Stuart

Multifaceted Artist
      Belize Navidad is a story of romance, and intrigue, but also one of finding "the way." It has everything to keep a reader interested and turning pages, but there's more. Her ability to transport the reader into the midst of the characters lives, their locale and their stories gets an A plus. A work of art in the story telling, but more . . . She satisfies all the senses with her words. I was able to read my way into her literary painting of Ambergris Caye. I saw the beauty of the island and its surrounding waters and the delicate life on and in them. I met its people, tasted their foods and heard their music as if I were there. It's a Christmas story, a story of giving that is meant for all seasons. It's a story of something larger than ourselves and the guiding hand that leads us. It's a happy, hopeful story delightfully seasoned with angels/heavenly spirits, and guiding stars. Is there a light to help us all through no matter what life brings our way? "Belize Navidad" says yes and so do I.
      ~ Mary Rotolo

A good read for any time—not just Christmas!
      When Carole's plans for her life get upended, she follows her star to discover a life more beautiful than she could have imagined. This is a compelling story of love and loss, sprinkled with ancient cultures and mystery. I got completely caught up in the magic of Tulum and Belize, the character Estrella, and uncertain fate of Carole and Nick. There are events that seemed too go to be true, then we see the situation dissolve into turmoil that is all-too familiar in today's world. The ending of Belize Navidad was a surprisingly heart-wrenching twist. A good read for any time - not just Christmas!
      ~ Kendall on Amazon

Loved the way the main themes were linked together
      A thoroughly enjoyable story! I had a marvelous time trying to guess how it would turn out, but couldn't quite! Loved the way the main themes were linked together, and loved the spiritual element woven through it. Lots of facets to this story, from light and upbeat to dark and menacing, all adding to the fun. By the way, the author excels at creating creepy characters - I think she must have met one or two - which are subtly drawn and eerily realistic. Definitely added to the suspense.
      ~ PLB on Amazon

Well done!
      Carole Kennedy's plan for a vacation to Belize is more than a pleasure of warm sand between her toes. She plans to give her long distance boyfriend an ultimatum: marry me or we're finished.
      An enjoyable read peppered with ancient beliefs and enigmatic characters. The author went out of her way to surprise the reader with her twists and turns. Every time I thought I knew where the story goes, she blew me away with another twist.
      A good read for the season . . . or any other season!
      ~ Ica Iova

Belize Navidad drew me in with its wonderful blend of Belizean culture
      Belize Navidad drew me in with its wonderful blend of Belizean culture, intrigue, eclectic personalities, romance and spirituality. A personal bonus was taking a challenge for growth from the story. As in "You only want to skim the surface - snorkel but not dive, look but not leap. You need to dive deeper to fully appreciate life (Nick to Carole, p. 225)." Thanks, Karen!
      ~ Beth M. Snyder

This novel contained several aspects I really enjoy when I read: mystery, exotic locations and the paranormal. The settings were so well described by the author that I felt as if I were really there. I identified completely with the main character Carole. I was experiencing everything right along with her. It was a fun read.
      ~ Susanne L. Loe

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Dr. Karen Hulene Bartell, author of Christmas in Cahokia: Song of the Owl, Holy Water: Rule of Capture, Angels from Ashes: Hour of the Wolf, Christmas in Catalonia, Sacred Gift, Belize Navidad, Sacred Choices, and others, is a best-selling author, motivational keynote speaker, IT technical editor, wife, and all-around pilgrim of life. She writes multicultural, offbeat love stories steeped in the supernatural that lift the spirit.
      Dr. Bartell lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband Peter and her 'mews'—five rescued cats.

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