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ISBN: 978-1-68313-118-2
114 pages

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Things a Cowboy Sees and Other Poems

by Rod Miller

"Miller's work stands out like a Thoroughbred in a pen full of ponies. His wry humor works the same way that Baxter Black's does—it saves us from taking ourselves too seriously."
~ Gary Vorhes, former Editor-in-Chief
Western Horseman magazine

Praise for Rod Miller's work:

"A true westerner to the core and one who's 'made a hand' as a scribe as well, Rod Miller is that rare breed who blends artistic sensibility with cowboy attitude. He's funny and serious and hits all the marks in-between, and always in that high-quality, polished verse he writes—the kind that looks as effortless as a great bronc ride, but is every bit as tough to pull off as that ride was.
~ Jesse Mullins, Jr., founding editor, American Cowboy magazine

"Reading Rod Miller's poems is like getting a giant box of candy . . . I always look forward to his contributions. I particularly enjoy the ironic humor and admire his sophisticated use of the language, which he somehow manages to present in a completely accessible way. We get many poems that have the feeling of being 'dashed off.' And then we get poems like Rod's! It's a pleasure."
~ Margo Metegrano, CowboyPoetry.com

Poet, novelist, historian, biographer, journalist, essayist, reviewer, screenwriter—Rod Miller is a versatile writer. His work appears in books and magazines, anthologies and collections, online and on the screen. From poems to stories to articles to opinion, he writes in a variety of styles for various media. His subject matter is, largely, the American West, and he writes about its people and its places, its past and its present.

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