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Amy Hale Auker
"I have so much wanted to work with a good fiction editor and I do believe I've found him!"

Amy Hale Auker, author of Winter of Beauty; plus
2012 WILLA Award winner for Rightful Place
John Biggs
"Your corrections in the Owl Dreams manuscript are spot on."

John Biggs, author of Owl Dreams; plus
Grand Prize winner of the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition
Nancy Hartney
"When I look at a book, I am amazed at the teamwork and detail necessary from the author's inception to the printed book. The reasons I wanted to work with Pen-L Publishing is the final product. It shouts quality. Clear, sharp print, creative design, team flexibility, and spot-on editing."

Nancy Hartney
Washed in the Water: Tales of the South; plus
2012 OWFI Multiple-Award Winner
Bonnie Lanthripe
"You and Kimberly have been so generous to answer my questions and walk me through this process. I find it somewhat like my learning Spanish: You speak 'Publishing' fluently while I am still in the learning basics. While I may not be a quick learner, I am tenacious and will stick with it until I get it. Thank you."

Bonnie Lanthripe, author of the The Ringleader
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