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Murder on the Fly

San Francisco, 1981.
Danger is in the air and nothing is as it appears. But then, neither is Riley. Between romance reigniting and terrorism smoldering, Riley knows he's likely to get burned.

One Idiot Short of a Village

From the funhouse that's laughingly called Russell Gayer's brain come another 13 wonderful ventures into wackiness. Pack up your troubles and set them out the back door--there's no room for them in this nutty world.

Things a Cowboy Sees and Other Poems

"Miller's work stands out like a Thoroughbred in a pen full of ponies. His wry humor works the same way that Baxter Black's does—it saves us from taking ourselves too seriously."
~ Gary Vorhes, former Editor-in-Chief
Western Horseman magazine

Sacred Heart: Valentine, Texas

Is it whispering secrets in Angela Brannon's inner ear? Evidence of the past and whiffs of her future? Is it Kokopelli, the trickster god, playing his flute? Or is it just a coyote howling? She listens for the messages.

Divine Dining Workbook

A companion to the life-changing devotional. To the thousands of men and women who suffer from compulsive overeating they can't control . . . 


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