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ISBN: 978-1-940222-45-5

246 pages
$14.97 in softcover
$4.97 in Kindle

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Silent Partner

by Stan Schatt

Praise for Silent Partner

Fast paced mystery with surprising twists.
      This book started out to be a typical mystery novel but quickly turned more interesting with the introduction of a journalist Josh Harrell with developing psychic abilities who is reporting on two recent crimes. The lead detective, Frankie Ryan, is dedicated to her work and initially is not interested in bringing in an outside journalist. However Josh's ability to "see" things from a paranormal perspective convinces Frankie to work with him on solving this unsavory crime. The duo combination of Josh and Frankie provide for a fast paced story that takes them to some of the more sordid night spots and locales to investigate the murders. Colorful characters add to the unique settings and the many twists and turns keep the reader in suspense. I found the plot was cleverly written and original throughout. I look forward to future novels featuring Frankie and Josh.
      ~ LisaBon on Amazon

Stan Schatt has created a good detective novel. He gives us plenty of different perspectives from different characters, even ones that may have motives.
      Then there were the characters. They felt like real people although I did admit to thinking that Josh was nothing but a reporter that had finally gone around the bend. Although after he was proven right multiple times I had to admit that maybe there was something to his gift.       Stan Schatt also took on the difficult issue of gender identity, and the effects that many different things could have on people who are Transgender, most specifically. It gave me a new perspective and I love that I was given this chance to see it develop throughout the book.
      Silent Partner was a good detective novel, and you should check it out when it's released on September 1st, 2014.
      ~ Aly at Reading Shy with Aly

Silent Partner is a mystery with a paranormal element. Main character Josh Harrell, a tabloid reporter and author, develops psychic powers and helps the police solve a couple of crimes. In some ways it was two novels in one, as the reader follows both Detective Ryan who struggles in a male dominated police force and Josh as he stumbles upon psychic vision after vision.
      I loved Josh--he's the type of character that I'd love to follow from novel to novel. His advice column alone could fuel quite a few mysteries. His 'friend' Andy is also interesting, and I'd love more information about her. I didn't like Frankie as much as Josh--not quite sure why, but I enjoyed the scenes with Josh much more.
      The police investigation was interesting. A few of the scenes between Frankie and her partner Landry were quite amusing. I appreciated Frankie's willingness to bring in a psychic after Josh proved his worth. The two work well together. I think I would have enjoyed the story a bit more if it had focused more on Josh and the newspaper. Every time Josh entered the scene, I perked up. The murder mystery was well done. In fact I had no clue who the murderer was until the reveal.
      Overall, I really enjoyed Silent Partner. If you like police procedural mysteries with a touch of the paranormal, be sure to add this novel to your TBR list.
      ~ Cymberle

This mix of standard police procedural and paranormal was something new for me, as I am not fond of mixing genres like that. However, this story worked and the ghost was quite a likeable character. The scenes with her and Josh were some of the best in the book, and I really became intrigued as to how that relationship would be resolved.       Readers who enjoy the mix of genres in a mystery will find this a good book to add to their wish lists.
      ~ Maryann Miller - It's Not All Gravy

Billed, in the blurb, as a sort of female Harry Bosch I am not sure that the main character quite lives up too that billing. For one thing there isn't the depth of character that made Harry Bosch such a well loved character. It is not surprising that the author would seek Michael Connelly as inspiration though having previously written a readers guide to the author.       Actually the better character is the reporter who turns what would otherwise be a standard police procedural into a more paranormal mystery and helps the police with their investigation. It is should really be this character that the author concentrates on. This character is actually brought into the story in a good way and works well within the main thrust of the story.
      In this sense the novel does give something of a twist on the classic LA hardboiled novel, although it is not necessarily all that hard boiled but does have the elements of such a novel as it heads into a seedy underworld of LA.
      It tackles the issues of gender identity in something of an interesting way too when the killer is eventually revealed and the reasons for it.
      ~ John Forrester

What happens when a murder goes down? You get Frankie on the case, the press doing their thing, and a guy who may or may not be psychic.
      I like Frankie and our psychic guy. Those two are awesome characters. I love the twists and the ending was not what I expected, but it still was a great ending. I could see a series happen with Frankie and other cases she takes on. The author's writing was good and kept you wondering what goes next.
      I would read more from the author and enjoyed this book! I give it 4 stars!
      ~ Serenity Sheild at Serenity's Lovely Reads

Josh Harrell is a very interesting character and he drew me into the story, more so than Detective Ryan, if I’m honest. Psychic ability runs in his family but only manifests when the person reaches the age of 30. I have an open mind when it comes to the supernatural, paranormal and/or psychic phenomena, things beyond comprehension or explanation and this aspect in a story is appealing to me. And very intriguing when applied to a police investigation. The implication criminals can be caught in this manner is an ambivalent issue to many people as is the suggestion there is something beyond the life we know.       Having this ability completely changes Josh’s life and the way people see and respond to him. And like generations before him couldn’t decide if it was a gift or a curse. He’s afraid he’ll never be taken seriously as a reporter again, but he deals with his new-found capabilities well.
      Detective Frankie Ryan is also dealing with personal and work related problems. She’s walking a thin line and knows if she doesn’t solve the murders she will incur the blame. It seems she has a penchant for getting herself into tight corners and for the second time finds herself on suspension.
      This story also tackles another intricate, complex and sensitive subject, gender identity, which takes the protagonists into the seedy and disreputable underworld of S&M clubs in LA. It’s a sad thought that there are people out there who are so uncomfortable and unhappy with their gender they have to resort to drastic measures to find contentment and peace of mind.
      The two criminal investigations running through the book, the double homicide and missing coeds who are coincidentally all psychology majors, are woven together effectively and connected by various threads and characters.
      I wasn’t overly keen on the use of ‘the reporter’ and ‘the detective’ instead of the relevant names, it’s a small point but it kind of diminished the connection to the characters slightly. Other than that I enjoyed the book and I like the attention grabbing cover and the title also, which is very appropriate.
      ~ Cathy Ryan

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