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ISBN: 978-1-940222-33-2

232 pages — $13.97

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Book One of The Long Journey Home Series

by Pamela Foster

Praise for Ridgeline

      Pamela Foster writes a compelling tale of a Civil War veteran named Jeremiah, a young lady named Adeline who escapes a dispassionate madame, an Indian who leads Adeline to his sister's deathbed, and the sister's baby whom Adeline instinctively adopts.
      Jeremiah, an aspiring preacher, carries deep-seated psychological wounds from the war and recites Bible verses as freely as he uses a gun. The reader yearns for healing but witnesses self-destruction even as he protects the fleeing Adeline and the baby. Her resolve to find a new life for herself brilliantly sets the scene for the promised second installment of the trilogy.
      ~ Lynn Bueling, Book Reviewer for Western Writers of America and The Bismarck Tribune

      With her unique talent for story telling, Pamela Foster goes back in time and paints her word pictures with elegance in this tale of love, redemption and faith in a West rarely presented by writers today. A touching, troubling look at the influence of war on men and women of another era.
      ~ Velda Brotherton, author of Wilda's Outlaw

      Little House on the Prairie, it ain't, but folks who read and enjoy the Old Testament, James Fenimore Cooper, Charles Portis, the graphic novels of Frank Miller, or watch approvingly the darker films in the Batman franchise will admire and appreciate Ms. Foster's epic, uncompromising picaresque of post-Civil War Arkansas, where good shines rarely and evil too wicked for hell to abide trades blows with itself.
      ~ Edward Downie

      After the war, Jeremiah needed space. He made it by killing people who needed such treatment. The bloody trail left by this civil war veteran trying to outrun his demons is one you'll want to read in a safe place.
      ~ Dusty Richards, two-time Spur Award Winner

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