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ISBN: 978-1-942428-56-5

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190 pages
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Moonlight Can Be Murder

by Blanche Day Manos

Praise for Moonlight Can Be Murder

I finished Moonlight Can Be Murder. I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down! Wonderful writing! This is my favorite. I wrote a review but it hasn't been posted yet. I'm almost paranoid about Amazon's review rules now so hope they don't discard it. I would be upset!
      ~ Sharon Rose Mierke

Frightfully spooky!
      ~ Mignon Ballard, author of the Miss Dimple Mysteries

What begins as Nettie's attempt at a fresh start and family reunion turns into a plot that's more slippery than an ice storm. Moonlight Can Be Murder is a book you won't want to put down.
      ~ Ronda Del Boccio, Amazon Best Selling Author,

Breathtaking . . . can't put it down . . . spellbinding. All of the cliches apply to this story of suspense, with an abundance of possible villains to keep you guessing. Written so that you feel like you are there and with characters that make you wish you could know them personally, this is a great story!
      ~ Judy Lewis, editor at New Leaf Publishing

Moonlight Can Be Murder is intriguing to the very end. Blanche Day Manos is masterful in describing the scenes for the intricate plot twists, It's a great cozy mystery that opens the new "Ned McNeil" series and makes you wonder what will happen next.
      ~ Nancy K. Grace

Wow is the only thing I can think to say about this great book Moonlight Can Be Murder, A Ned McNeil Mystery by Blanche Day Manos. I loved this book and I can not wait until the next one comes out.
      This is an intense and at times emotional mystery. I could not put it down. If you like a good mystery, that keeps you on the edge of your seat and one that is full of possibilities and suspects then do not miss this book.
      Don't miss this great, spooky, intense, wonderful book. I highly recommend it.
      ~ Deb Forbes at Mystery Reading Nook

Moonlight Can Be Murder will hold you in suspense from the very beginning! The author, Blanche Day Manos, is a master of description, making scenes of a small town in Oklahoma and her characters come alive. Join minds with Ned McNeil, as she attempts to solve the murder mystery on her own, while multiple suspects keep you guessing.
      An excerpt from the book: "The morning sun pricked dazzling ruby and sapphire sparks from the snow mounding the yard and in the light of day, the house seemed inviting. It was hard to believe that a murder had actually occurred here or was that awful scene in the laundry room only a tortured fantasy of my tired mind?"
      Truly a page turner, Moonlight Can Be Murder will not disappoint. It will hold you spellbound until the very end!
      ~ Jane Ellison Barron

Blanche Day Manos captured my interest from the first paragraph in her new book Moonlight Can Be Murder. I found myself transported to the small town of Ednalee, working right alongside of Nettie McNeil, trying to solve the mysteries of today and the mysteries of 40 years ago. From the moment she receives a foreboding letter from an uncle, just released from prison and whom she has not seen in decades, Nettie embarks on journey full of suspense and twists. As she rekindles old friendships and deals with her own guilt of not being closer to family, she learns that things are not always as they seem. An easy to read and entertaining novel! Looking forward to reading more in the series.
      ~ Theresa Gomez

Being a fan of Manos' Darcy and Flora mysteries, I wondered if I would like her new heroine as well. I read Moonlight Can Be Murder, the first in a series of Ned McNeil Mysteries, thinking she might not be able to hit the nail as well with a new character, but boy, was I wrong. Ned McNeil is also a bit older in age. She's also believable and interesting, with the small flaw of driving curiosity. The plot follows a similar pattern. Upon the main character's move back to her Oklahoma hometown, murders and untold secrets squeeze her like an over-tight pair of jeans. Think Murder She Wrote meets sweet romance.
      ~ Janet K. Brown

I won a copy of this great cozy mystery, and was hooked from the beginning. Ms. Manos has a way with words that hold you captive. Her characters are well defined and her story progression is strong. Although she does not do tricks and turns, you certainly are riveted and interested until the end of the story.
      After finishing this great story, I am soon going to be adding this author to my must read list.
      ~ Stephanie Hobrock

Moonlight Can Be Murder is an entertaining whodunit that keeps one guessing throughout the entire book. Nettie McNeill, better known as Ned, has received some mysterious messages from her Uncle Javin Granger, who has recently been released from prison after serving a 40-year term for murder, and has returned to his home in Ednalee, OK. We eventually begin to believe that he did not commit the crime for which he was imprisoned. Ned, who has recently had some problems of her own in Atlanta, decides to go to see Uncle Javin. Sadly, she arrives too late at her uncle's house in Oklahoma. She finds he has been critically injured, and his house has apparently been searched and is in disarray. He was only able to whisper a few words to Ned before he died.
      As we follow Ned's efforts to find her Uncle Javin's killer, the author slowly weaves the story, introducing characters, some of whom were well known by Ned when she was a young girl in Oklahoma. However, she and her parents had moved from Oklahoma to Georgia when she was a young girl, and she had lost touch with them. The author, Blanche Day Manos, paints a vivid picture of characters and events, drawing us into the lives of Ned and her reunited friends. Strangely, one image that, for some reason, was particularly memorable to this reviewer was the description of the brass door knocker that was broken and almost destroyed by an intruder. All in all, a very entertaining and interesting mystery.
      ~ Amazon Customer

Blanche Day Manos has come up with another winning series. In Moonlight Can Be Murder, Ned (childhood nickname for Nettie Elizabeth Duncan) runs from danger in Atlanta, GA only to find more danger in her hometown of Ednalee, OK. She's gone back home to help her uncle, but when she gets there, someone has already "taken care" of him. With many twists and turns and the help of old friends and an old flame, Ned fights to conquer her fears and her foes in this exiting tale of moonlight and murder. A wonderful cozy.
      ~ Loves mysteries

I love cozy novels because they don't have the violence and vulgarity of many mystery novels. Moonlight Can Be Murder is intriguing right from the beginning. It's a fast read, but there are several crooks and turns to keep your interest. If you have to put it down before finishing it, you will definitely look forward to getting back to it. I've read all of this author's books, and I think the books are getting better with each publication. If you enjoy reading cozy novels, this is a good one.
      ~ lksshop

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