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ISBN: 978-1-940222-42-4

326 pages – $14.97
Molly's Moon

by Ron Parham

Praise for Molly's Moon

Author Ron Parham takes us back 13 years to Americaís worst nightmare, reliving the horror, reminding us that America cannot afford to sleep. Mollyís Moon: Will she see it shine or will the light be permanently dimmed? With countries around the world not foreign to these attacks, with an author that showed how many embraced our pain this is one book that just might unite so many remind us that we need to embrace our freedom and the cultures of others because thatís what makes Americans special.
      ~ Fran Lewis,

What a great page turner, could not put the book down so exciting and entertaining looking forward to his next novel Copperhead Cove.
      ~ Veronica Woodard

Once I started, I couldn't put it down, and when I did put it down I couldn't wait to get back to it!
      Great read, fast moving and it kept me locked in.
      ~ Pineapple

I read Sidney Sheldon and James Patterson. I would put Ron Parham's Molly's Moon right up there. The way the characters intertwined was awesome. I would recommend it a very good read.
      ~ Janice Harris

This is definitely a book that is not easy to put down. You find yourself feeling the pain of the family as they struggle to get back together. Each character is richly described, the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone comes to life. It appears Ron Parham will have an exciting future ahead of him.
      ~ Jan Lockhart "quilts"

So enjoyed this read recently. The story line is all too identifiable to most of us. While the events of 9-11 set the stage in an enticing way, the characters that were created by Ron grow on you chapter by chapter. By the end of the book I did not want to end my "relationship" with them. Now weeks later I realize what an atmosphere was created by this novel. Well done....easily recommended to others.
      ~ Sharon Swedenborg

I am a huge fan of John Sandford, James Patterson, and John Grisham. After reading Molly's Moon, I've now put Ron Parham into that category.
      His writing makes the story line and characters come alive and the action in the novel is so well done that 100 pages go by before you realize it!
      For a first time author, his material is outstanding and makes me want his next novel right now!!
      ~ Ron Maziarz

I wasn't sure what to expect upon opening Molly's Moon. I started the novel and about three hours later could not put it down! Ron knows how to captivate an audience and describe things in a way that makes you feel like you are right there! Great read, I would recommend this to anyone that likes to be kept on the edge of their seat!
      ~ Matt Freel

I couldn't put this book down. I finished it in two days! Parham grabs you in the first couple pages and doesn't let you go until the explosive ending. I read Patterson, Baldacci, Grissom, and more. Add Ron Parham to my list of favorite authors. I can't wait to read his next book.
      ~ Josie (San Bruno)

My husband and I just finished reading Molly's Moon, what a terrific story. The book is very well written and holds your interest from start to finish. There's terror, suspense, drama, romance, and humor. His introduction of the characters into the story was very smooth, descriptive and believable ~ we can't wait for his next book to come out. John Grisham needs to be looking over his shoulder, because Ron Parham is coming up fast in the literary world.
      ~ Carole A Norton

After reading other reviews of Molly's Moon, I don't think there is an adjective remaining to describe the exemplary entertainment Parham has given his readers. What I can say is when I had the last two chapters to read, I put the book down. I was filled with such anxiety and excitement--I finished it two days later. Molly's Moon is an excellent read for all ages. Looking forward to his next book.
      ~ Shirley M-E

As a graduate student I rarely have time to read a non-scientific book. However, a friend recommended Molly's Moon to me so I decided to start reading it on a short plane ride. I could not put it down! All of these reviews are dead on, what a page turner! The way the author keeps the intensity up with the multiple perspectives and individual stories all coming together is unlike any book I have ever read. Every time I thought I had the book figured out, the next chapter added another twist. I easily identified with the characters and despite very little narrative, the imagery is vivid through the dialogue. I recently found out this is the authors first book, which amazed and disappointed me as I cannot wait to read the next one! A must read for everyone!
      ~ Jonathan

Molly's Moon is a page turner. It is well written, and each character is very well described and easy to picture!! Ron takes us back to the vulnerable feeling of 9-11. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait for his next novel!
      ~ Vickie Bates

Molly's Moon was a superb surprise read by Ron Parham as a first novel. It was exciting, entertaining, adventure packed, with a touch of romance, that kept me enthralled and interested as I turned each page, until I finished the book. Set with the background of 9/11, this fiction action story, felt so real, I sure hope Ron will provide us with sequels to this fabulous story. Love the title Molly's Moon.
      ~ Ella Kennedy

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who — as I do — enjoys this genre of fiction. A very good read, and I am excited for the next one!
      ~ Ronald J. Brothers

Ron Parham, in his first novel, Molly's Moon, hits a grand slam and proves to be a superb craftsman of gripping suspense, with sharp dialogue and two contrasting protagonists on a desperate search to save a daughter from a sex-trafficking kidnapping, all set against the backdrop of the dreadful 911 terrorist attack. Ron's writing is fresh and compelling and constantly surprising. His characters are vividly brought to life combining both tender hearted moments with suspenseful non-stop action. This exciting and engaging plot would definitely make a great Hollywood movie, and I especially enjoyed Parham's new character hero, Jake Delgado, a terrific tough and rugged maverick type ex-cop, determined to search for and save his ex-Air Force buddy's daughter, while at the same time trying to salvage his own erratic and undisciplined life, uncertain who he is and where he's going. Take heed Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch, Ron Parham and Jake Delgado are on their way.
      ~ Terry Curley

Once you begin reading Molly's Moon, a fiction novel by Ron Parham, you suddenly feel everything coming to life with a certain realness that quickly awakens your inner soul. Ron's description of his characters is superbly achieved, and with great clarity! Some characters will make you laugh, especially Pete. Some make you feel warm all over like the kind and thoughtful Calderon family. Others will make you cringe as you learn of their quench for greed, like Angel and his people. And finally, some will test your very inner emotions. And who can ever forget Jake Delgado. Don't mess with him!
      As Ron tells the story of Molly's Moon, during the incredibly, horrible and difficult time of 9/11, he also teaches us a valuable lesson on how to embrace life, how fragile life really is and the values we should always place on it . . . at whatever the cost!
      Molly's Moon is a very heartfelt story that deserves to make it to the big screen some day. I wish Ron the best with those endeavors and highly recommend Molly's Moon for every generation!
      ~ Bob Joseph, Business Development Manager/North America

I ordinarily read romance novels so this book was unique for me. Ron was able to instill romance and tender moments in this action thriller that brought tears to my eyes. I liked the characters in the book, my favorite was Jake. The story kept me interested to the point it was hard to put down. I am looking forward for the Ron's next novel.
      ~ Janice Fewkes

Molly's Moon by Ron Parham is a captivating story that grabs your attention and doesn't let go until the very last page. Ron's character descriptions have such clarity to them that you really feel like you know them. I must say this book was extremely hard to put down, I found myself picking it up after I would set it down, because I had to know what was going to happen next! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to everyone.
      ~ Kelli P

Great story, well written. It was hard to put this book down . . . Read it in 2 days . . . A great read!
      ~ Milton Lax

This story catches you with the occurrences during 9/11 and moves them forward into an incredible fiction novel. For his first novel, Ron Parham does an excellent performance of capturing the reader into this story. You won't be able to put the book down during the last 100 pages! I give this book 5 stars! I can't wait to read more from this talented author!!!
      ~ Paul Pfeifer

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