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ISBN: 978-1-940222-02-8

194 pages – $13.97
Clueless Gringos in Paradise

Adventures with my husband, his PTSD, and two enormous service dogs

by Pamela Foster

Praise for Clueless Gringos in Paradise

      Pamela Foster couldnít have picked a better title to describe the outlandish adventure she embarks on and shares in this, her latest, and dare I say, greatest memoir. Clueless Gringos in Paradise – indeed!
      This laugh out loud, crazy, charming tale is an actual, believe it or not, adventure taken by one Pamela Foster (author), her veteran and PTSD suffering husband Jack, and their two huge, beastly service dog mastiffs – Chesty and Rocca. It is an adventure – a search for a Panamanian home – that, with two humongous dogs who some ignore and others run screaming from, has turned what might have been a routine experience for most into an exhausting deluge of mishaps, (un)necessary worrying, uncontrollable spasms, twisted nerves, and necessary veterinary assistance for doggy hallucinations brought on by poison frogs until, finally, they find their Panamanian dream home.
      Clueless Gringos in Paradise is truly a fun read! Pamela Foster shows off her great sense of humor as she rehashes their adventure for our benefit. Her writing is professional, experienced and highly entertaining.
      ~ Arkansas Book Reviewer

This book was terrific. It mad me laugh out loud a bunch, and even have to stop and read my husband some parts. Pam really nailed it.
      ~ Jen H.

      Pamela Foster's style reminds me a lot of Erma Bombeck. She shares the mundane in a quirky way that makes me laugh.
      You'll get to know both herself and her husband through the characters of their dogs as they take the adventure of a lifetime into a whole new country.
      Imagine deciding to drop everything, sell your house, and go to live in "paradise" before you have scoped anything out or figured out where you're going to live, and you have Clueless Gringos in Paradise.
      And to top it off, they had 2 poor service dogs added into the mix!
      If you enjoy travel tales, you'll love this book.
      ~ Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady; Bestselling author, speaker and mentor

      From the dry Arizona desert to tropical Panama, Foster shares the adventures she experienced traveling with her Vietnam veteran husband with PTSD and their two gigantic service dogs. By weaving charm, wit, and humor throughout the story, Foster masterfully brings to light the daily challenges faced by veterans with PTSD and their spouses. Insightful, endearing, funny yet sad, Clueless Gringos in Paradise brings understanding and hope to all those who deal with the unseen wounds and scars of war.
      ~ R.H. Burkett, author of Soldiers in the Mist

      Pamela Foster writes as if she is telling a great story with us in the same room. She delivers this impossible tale with humorous concern for the survival of her 'interesting' husband and their faithful dogs. She shares her 'ups and downs' and suspense of the unknown and it's well worth the ride!
      Once again Pamela has landed on her feet as a writer as she beckons, then captures her readers with this hilarious tropical paradise adventure in Panama.
      ~ Linda Mannell

      This book is a hilarious read about two Americans taking their enormous dogs to live in Panama. It purports to be about dealing with PTSD, but the reality is that it's a study of husbands and wives. Women fret, while men know that things will work out. If you sell your house and get on a plane, homeless, to fly to a foreign country with two absurdly huge dogs, things will work out. If you load those two dogs into a struggling taxi to cross the mountains to an island in the Caribbean with few services and lots of grubby children, things will work out. If that doesn't work out and you cross back to the Pacific side, things will work out. Well, you get the idea. But the fact is that things do work out, and fretting about it only gets you to the place you were going to end up in anyway.
      ~ Greg Camp, author of The Willing Spirit

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